Will Tams
Berkeley, California
About the Artist and Galleries
I graduated from Brown University in 1993 with an honors degree in a self-designed major -- a study of the Creative Process. During the course of those 4 years I had the fortunate opportunity to concurrently take numerous courses at the neighboring campus of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). During my Junior year I studied in South France on a program with the Cleveland Institute of Art and in Madagascar with the School for International Training.

Over the past fifteen years, my work has been influenced by various interests and forces. The first major influence grew out of my fascination with the creative process itself. I have always been intrigued by the elusive interplay between the conscious and unconscious, the gradual evolution of an image on the canvas, and the mysterious workings of the imagination and its role in the creative process. This interest has been the driving force behind much of the work that I have done.
Partial List of Collectors
  1. Dean Karen Romer, Brown University
  2. Professor Onésimo Almeida, Brown University
  3. Peldi Guilizzoni and Mariah Maclachlan
  4. Allison Vogel
  5. Anne Haycock Aguirre, anne aguirre design
  6. David Brokaw, BKF Engineers
  7. Evan Pearce and Amanda Dauphinee, Stanford
  8. Amy Wadman, DiVino Tours in Italy
  9. Kris McQueen and Kitt Hodsen, Oracle
  10. Andrea Manusia and Alexia Bianchi, SKY TV, Italia
  1. Ann Mackenzie, Mackenzie Digital Art
  2. Libby and Kevin Shen
  3. Ben Klasky and Lisa Timmins, Islandwood
  4. Craig McIntosh and Karen Evenson, UCSD
  5. Geremy Stebbins
  6. Maxey McNeese
  7. Steve Ledoux, Ledoux Esquire Inc.
  8. Grace Nishikawa, Ledoux Esquire Inc.
  9. Jim Sanetra and Heike Abeck, Chiron
  10. Peter Wolfenden
The second major influence stems from my love for travel. Having spent extensive time studying and traveling in Europe, particularly in Italy and France, I fell in love with the surrounding landscapes. Something about the quality of light and the way the villages and cypress trees lock into the hillsides has always struck me. In a way, the landscape itself can be seen as a visual representation of music. Many of my recent works are an attempt to uncover and represent the rhythm and cadence of the landscape. The paintings, whether landscapes or figurative work, are an attempt to reflect multiple meanings -- the inner and outer dimensions of the subject.
Dragonfly Studios Galleries
Established in October 2002, the Dragonfly Studios Gallery provides an online venue for viewing a large spectrum of my work. The gallery also provides options for purchasing archival giclee prints of all paintings as well as many originals.
Current pieces in progress in the Studio: Musicscape
Diary of a Cat
Homage to Hundertwasser