Many of the originals are available for purchase, ranging in price from $225 - $2500. If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, please contact me.

All of the paintings in the galleries are available as fine art giclées, ranging in price from $105 and up. Giclées are reproductions of the original painting printed on archival watercolor paper or canvas. All prints are hand-signed by the artist. Canvas prints can be stretched for an additional $35-$55 depending upon the size.

The giclées are available in the following sizes* and prices. Custom sizes are also available.
If you would like to order a print/prints please send an email with the names and dimensions to receive final payment information. For an overview of payment forms, please click here.
24" x 32"
18" x 24"
28" x 28"
21" x 21"
24" x 18"
32"x 24"
21" x 28"
25" x 25"
28" x 21"
27" x 36"
31" x 31"
36"x 27"
*Sizes are approximate based on the proportion of the piece. For example, if you ordered a certain painting at 24" x 18" - the size of the actual final print might be 25" x 17" depending on the proportion of the original painting. The artist will confirm final dimensions of the print with you before your purchase.
Custom Sizes are also available by request.